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Pakula Digger

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The Pakula Digger is the latest in a long line of Pakula Innovations specifically designed to put out as much vibration and sound into the water as possible. Colours avaliable are Violet for a great silhouette, and Lumo Chartreuse.


  • Looks just like a tracking marlin in the water, with lit up peck fins, and is unparalleled as a Fish Attracting Device.
  • Designed to be easy to store,
  • Breaks down in seconds
  • Comes with it's own small bag, which is about the same size as a normal lure roll.
  • Complete with towline
  • The Digger body is made from high impact ABS,
  • The Digger lures a constructed from high density PVC.


Length:  2.22 mtrs long
Width: 690cm