KRU 180N Manual Inflatable Life Jacket

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The KRU 180N Manual Inflatable Life jacket is awesome for all types of boating. Simply pull the cord to activate, it offers 180 newtons of buoyancy which is nearly twice that of a standard foam life jacket.

These jackets allow high mobility while wearing them and are easy to put on and use. This jacket won't inflate until you pull the cord. The inflation canisters can be replaced once the life jacket has been inflated we have cannister available for sale if required in future. It also has oral inflation pipe that allows you to blow the jacket up without using the canister.


  • 180N buoyancy for quick in water turning speeds
  • Velcro closing
  • Twin lifting beckets/ buddy handles
  • Replaceable cover
  • Attachment point for Aquaspec light
  • UML inflation system
  • Re-usable storage bag for protection when not worn
  • Lateral tapered bladder for better in water positioning
  • R10 AIS Ready
  • Crotch Srap Included
  • Colour: Navy Blue Only