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Savage Gear Side Down Prey

Savage Gear
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The Savage Gear Side Down Prey is a great little lure, ideal for enticing Kahawai and Kingfish. The Lure is light enough it can be cast and worked from a Soft bait rod.


  • Unique top water, “walk the dog” lure, that casts very well and has the most amazing noisy sliding action.
  • Retrieve it whilst making small taps with the rod tip and the lure comes to life with the most amazing action, attracting the predators from great distances and inducing aggressive strikes.
  • The lure swims side down, to imitate a wounded bait fish.
  • The inside rattle chamber is made with a metal Mesh that sends out a very special and loud noise – very unique!
  • Japanese top quality components and hooks.
  • Superb for any topwater predator!!


Weight: 27g
 - Lure Body: 110mm
 - Overall: 140mm