Berkley Fireline Tournament Exceed 300m Spool

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The original thermally fused superline. Fireline has been at the forefront of Superline technology for a decade. At Berkley, why settle for "good enough" when better is achievable. That is what we did with FireLine. The 300m spools are excellent for soft baiting and light jigging.

It has always been the SMOOTH HANDLING SUPERLINE  now it's even smoother!

FireLine Tournament, thermally fused with Dyneema®, performs best on spinning tackle with longer casts, up to 17% longer due to the new smoother coating formula.

The abrasion resistance is improved resulting in less fraying. It also has 3% greater strength retention after wear; standing up to rocks and timber.

Fireline Tournament Exceed fills the needs of cutting edge tournament techniques that demand the highest performance braided lines.Tournament Exceed's Incredibly Thin Diameter improves casting distance, provides greater contact and control, delivers superior lure performance, improves drag capability and increases reel capacity.

Berkley Pro Anglers have dominated the Bream and Bass Tournament scene for years, use what the pros use with Berkley Fireline Tournament Exceed.


  • SMOOTH CASTING - Fireline is now smoother and softer out of the package resulting in better casting performance. Up to 17% better!
  • STRENGTH - Made with Dyneema – The worlds strongest fibreÂ
  • TOUGHNESS - It has always been the TOUGHEST superline – now it’s even tougher!  The improved formula means less fraying after hours of use and the color stays put 50% longer.
  • DIAMETER - Thin diameter means greater contact and control and Improved lure action. Crank baits run deeper, plastics sink and swim more naturally.
  • NO STRETCH - Detect structure and strikes and set hooks in an instant.


Spools Size m/yds: 300m/325
Colour: Flame Green