Pakula Witchdoctor Teaser

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The Pakula Witch doctor is a simple teaser designed to flash light in multiple direction, and sends out vibrations through the water this combination is excellent for attracting predatory fish, this flashing action mimics light patterns reflected by bait balls while the vibrations mimic the tail movements of the work up.

The Witchdoctor Teaser was Peter Pakula's first invention, initially designed for use while trolling live and dead baits, yet after all these years the Pakula Witchdoctor is now accepted as the best fish exciter for all game fishing trolling applications.

At all trolling speeds the Witchdoctor stays deep below the prop wash, sending out irresistible vibrations, flashing reflected shafts of fluorescent blue and purple light in all directions, and unlike any other teaser, it never comes to the surface to interfere and tangle with trolling lines.

Each Pakula Witchdoctor® comes complete with towline and storage bag.